Prafiuret - a village is for sale

A historic village

Prafiuret ("flowering meadow") is an old, abandoned hamlet in the middle of the mountains of Piemonte, Italy.

Piedmont is one of the richest areas in Italy. Some of the most important Italian companies are based here, including the automobile manufacturers Fiat and Lancia. 

In addition to modern industry in and around Turin, and the service companies, agriculture is also of great importance: a third of European rice production comes from here, fruit and vegetables are grown, the hills provide wine and tasty hazelnuts. This is also reflected in Prafiuret. 

The country is very fertile, in addition to fruit and nut trees, there are grapes, fennel, carrots, delicious sweet pumpkin, beetle beans and countless herbs. A dream for self-catering! 

The place of Prafiuret

Prafiuret comprises 15 buildings. 

These include four houses (F, G, H, I), a cheese dairy (C), a stable (N), some stone ruins (J, K, L, E) and other utility buildings (A, B, M).

There is also a private alpine hut in a secluded location with a hut in very good condition and the possibility of water at over 1,800 m. The Alm can be reached on foot within 45 minutes and offers an unforgettable view of the valley. 

Located in the heart of Piedmont

Prafiuret is located in the Italian Alps on the border between the Cottian and Maritime Alps.

Just 100 km from Turin, 35 km from Cuneo and 5 km from Demonte / Valle Stura in Vallone dell'Arma.